Pharmaceutical Sampling Services Cut Costs And Risks

The end user of a pharmaceutical product does not likely know the complex process involved with developing innovative and cutting-edge medicines. The company that produces such pharmaceutical products has to not only be aware of the various steps, management must ensure all acceptable standards of safety and government regulations are met. This must be done at all stages. Those outside of the industry might not realize how involved the process of packaging and shipping samples is. The effective performance of these tasks could be outside the scope of the company producing the samples. To avoid disastrous mishaps, working with a pharmaceutical sampling service capable of advising and supporting packaging and shipping duties is advisable.

Staying On Top of Innovations

A pharmaceutical company might not be completely aware of inroads made in the packaging industry. A sample management firm, however, is much more likely to research new developments in order to deliver the best solutions for a client. Recently, a new thermal process has emerged that could reduce the potential for glass packaging tubes to crack. A management service may take steps on behalf of a company to switch to these newer, more reliable glass tubes.

In some cases, the samples being shipped are rare and impossible to replace. Damaged containers frequently lead to tremendous and costly setbacks. In other instances, damaged packaging might create a potential biohazard exposure and all related civil liabilities. Outsourcing the management of packaging duties to a reputable aids in the avoidance of such scenarios.

Selecting the Right Shipping Solutions

Upon being provided with detailed information about the samples, a management service would be able to make the necessary logistical decisions about a particular shipping solution. The time required to deliver a sample may not be the only factor that must be weighed. Maintaining the right temperature in the shipping compartment could be critical.

Delivering the product 200 miles away via an air conditioned truck may be less costly, but the chance exists for an accident. The accident might disable the temperature control functions and destroy the samples. An effective management service would possibly make the call to transport via air and avoid risks.

Maintaining Accurate Disaster Logs

Accidents can and do happen no matter how many precautions are taken. Proper accounting of what samples were shipped, the volume of the samples, how much was exposed, and what cleanup steps were taken must be performed. Established pharmaceutical sampling services are best capable of keeping highly accurate records in an emergency situation.

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