Suffering From An Opioid Addiction? Top Reasons To Talk To Your Doctor About Naltrexone

If you suffer from an opioid addiction, you might be worried about going through it alone. You could be wondering if there is a medication that can help you, and naltrexone might be the right choice. These are some of the reasons why you might want to talk to your doctor about this medication.

Risks Are Usually Low

First of all, you might be worried about the risks that go along with taking medication. As you might already know, some opioid addiction treatments can be risky. However, naltrexone is typically considered to have few side effects or risks. It isn't considered a medication that you can abuse, which is a good thing if you have a history of misusing opioid medications. It's safe for most people to take, too; just make sure that you get a prescription from your doctor and that you take it as recommended. Additionally, if you have any problems or concerns, you should consult your doctor as soon as possible.

Low-Dose Options Are Available

Even though you might be happy to know that naltrexone is considered to be a low-risk medication, you might still be interested in taking a smaller dose if at all possible. You might not like to take a lot of medication if you can help it, or you might be a smaller person. Luckily, there are low-dose forms of naltrexone that you can take, so ask your doctor about this. Even if your doctor does not recommend that you start out on a low dose — such as if you are in the beginning stages of your opioid treatment — they might prescribe you a lower dose in the future.

Generic Options Are Available

As you might know from other medications that you have purchased in the past, name-brand medications are often more expensive than generic medications, even though the two include the same ingredients and perform the same function. If you'd like to seek opioid treatment on a budget, you may find that taking a generic form of naltrexone is a good idea. You can ask your doctor or pharmacist about this money-saving option.

It Helps Many People

Of course, as someone who is fighting an opioid addiction, one of the main things you might be worried about might be abstaining from the use of any opioids. Luckily, many people find that naltrexone is highly effective for this, which is why this medication is so commonly recommended.

Talk to a medical professional to learn more about low-dose naltrexone