What To Expect When Visiting A Recreational Marijuana Dispensary For The First Time

If you have never visited a recreational marijuana dispensary before, you may be wondering what to expect on your first visit. While each dispensary will be a bit different, the available products and the steps for selling these products will be rather similar. You can learn more about what you can expect on your first visit to a dispensary below.

Getting Into The Dispensary

The first thing you will encounter when entering a marijuana dispensary is a waiting area. There are no marijuana products present in this area. However, you will often be greeted by either a receptionist or security personnel in this waiting area. It is this individual's job to ensure that no one is allowed to enter the area where marijuana is sold unless they have proper identification and are of legal age. Consequently, you will be asked to provide a photo ID when entering the building. This identification must be in good condition and may not be expired. Furthermore, many dispensaries will refuse to accept any form of temporary identification such as a temporary driver's license. Once your ID has been checked, you will be allowed on the sales floor. 

Checking Out The Products

The wide selection of products can be overwhelming for some first-time visitors. These products can be broken down into three main categories. These categories are flower, concentrate, and edibles. Flower is the most traditional option and is what most people think of when they think of marijuana. You can choose to purchase this product by the gram or you can purchase prerolled joints if you do not want to roll your own or use a bong or pipe to smoke your flower. 

While concentrates are newer to the market than traditional flower products, concentrate has become one of the most popular ways to consume marijuana. This is because these products contain concentrated amounts of THC and CBD without any of the plant material. The three most common types of concentrate include wax, shatter, and live resin. The main difference between these products is their consistency. You may also find that live resin has a smoother taste due to the fact it is extracted from a live plant rather than a plant that has been harvested and dried. 

If you do not like the idea of smoking marijuana, you can still enjoy the effects of this natural drug through the consumption of edibles. Unlike flower and concentrates that need to be smoked, edibles allow you to consume marijuana by simply consuming infused foods or beverages. When choosing to use edibles, it is important to note that it can take a few hours before the full effect of the marijuana is felt. Consequently, you will want to start with a small dose until you know how your body reacts to these products.

Making Your Purchase

Once you have chosen the products you wish to purchase, your budtender will ask to see your identification one last time. Your selected products will then be scanned and labeled with all legally required warnings and details. You will then finally pay for your purchase and exit the dispensary. You will not be able to consume any of your marijuana products on the dispensary property. 

For more information, contact a marijuana dispensary near you.