Pharmaceutical Sampling Services Cut Costs And Risks

The end user of a pharmaceutical product does not likely know the complex process involved with developing innovative and cutting-edge medicines. The company that produces such pharmaceutical products has to not only be aware of the various steps, management must ensure all acceptable standards of safety and government regulations are met. This must be done at all stages. Those outside of the industry might not realize how involved the process of packaging and shipping samples is. [Read More]

Making The Most Of Your Facial Skin Care Regimen

If you're interested in improving the appearance and health of the skin on your face, you need to look beyond washing with just soap and water. The sheer volume of products on the market can be daunting, as well as the prices. You don't, however, need to purchase expensive department store or spa products to achieve your desired results; you can find great skin care items right in the aisles of your local drug store. [Read More]

Making Your Bathroom Senior Friendly

The bathroom can be a source of many injuries for the elderly.  Whether you are the one advancing in years or a caregiver, it is important to know how to best modify this important room to your needs.  Shower or Tub The area of the bathroom that can pose the greatest threat of injury is the shower or tub.  A slippery floor can cause a bad fall.  But these items can ensure that both the elderly person and their caregiver are safe. [Read More]